7 Must-watch TED Talks for Tech Enthusiasts

For anyone in the tech industry, staying updated with trends and still exercising creativity is challenging. TED Talks are a great way to do it, as they offer a wide array of insights and perspectives that can be valuable for all tech enthusiasts.

We have prepared a list of essential must-watch TED Talks that cover not only technical aspects but also crucial soft skills and curiosities around the future of tech.

7 TED Talks for Tech Enthusiasts

The Future of Skills in the Age of AI

Speaker: David Timiș

Summary: In this TEDx Talk, David Timis provides answers to the most important questions regarding the future of advances robotics and artificial intelligence. He approaches specifically the future of jobs and what skills will be necessary to prevent becoming obsolete in the workplace.

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How AI Can Save our Humanity

Speaker: Kai-Fu Lee

Summary: In the inspiring TED Talk, computer scientist Kai-Fu Lee approached how humans can thrive in the age of AI by upgrading exclusive human skills such as compassion and creativity. The speaker makes us reflect on how AI exists to remind us of what makes us humans.

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3 Secrets of Resilient People

Speaker: Lucy Hone

Summary: We all face adversities and loss, as well as the challenging time that follows. In the TED Talk, Lucy Hone shares practical strategies can help us develop the capacity to overcome hard times, struggles, and any adversity you may encounter.

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5 Techniques to Speak Any Language

Speaker: Sid Efromovich

Summary: In this objective TEDx Talk, this hyperpolyglot provides 5 techniques that can help anyone learn or improve their abilities in any language. By applying this method, Sid Efromovich has learned 7 languages and so can you!

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5 Steps to Fix Any Problem at Work

Speaker: Anne Morriss

Summary: In this insightful TED Talk, Anne Morriss uses her leadership experience to provide us with a 7-day plan that will build trust and fix issues that every leader faces when they go through any significant change.

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Time is Running Out on Climate Change. The Metaverse Could Help

Speaker: Cedrik Neike

Summary: Engineer Cedrik Neike defends that the metaverse could be the key to fight climate change. In this TED Talk, he presents how AI-powered models and emerging technologies can improve different industries by eliminating trials and errors.

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How to Fix the Bugs in the Net Zero Code

Speaker: Lucas Joppa

Summary: As the first Chief Environmental Offices at Microsoft, Lucas Joppa questions the efficacy of the world’s current net-zero approach. In this Talk, he lists 3 “bugs” in our current system and an efficient plan to fix them, all based on logic and quantitative results.

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These talks cover a range of topics relevant for tech enthusiasts, from teamwork and leadership to personal and worldwide well-being.

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