Partners Programs

Connect with partner communities and increase your income.

“While other companies tend to be really serious and tensed Madiff is more relaxed while having some big names in their client catalog.”

Jacek Sapieja | Software Engineer

We are looking for the best IT professionals, management consultants, entrepreneurs, fast growing companies, software vendors and others to cooperate and exchange knowledge, resources and projects.

Cooperation results in faster and stronger organic growth

Earn 10% comission over all businesses closed from your referrals.

What you can gain from this partnership

Worldwide Network

We have numerous international partners always envolved in new and exciting projects.

Valuable Insights

We are entrepreneurs by blood. Our experienced team can offer great insights on how to boost your business.

Professional Opportunities

We are a bridge between you and giant corporations looking to build amazing projects together.

Personal Branding

Earn a lifetime experience and stand out from the competition by engaging in challenging projects.

How it works

1. Contact

Send you contact using the form below. Include as many information as possible, so we can get to know your business.

2. Meeting

We will assess the information sent and schedule a first talk with you, if you meet the criteria.

3. Proposal

Our team will internally assess what is the best partnership model for you and send a proposal.

4. Partners

We can close the partnership. You will earn 10% commission on any business closed from your referrals.

Are you the right fit?

You are a great fit if:

  • You are an IT expert with a good network, looking to increase your income;
  • You are a tech entrepreneur or company looking to expand your business and develop a network;
  • You are a company in complementary businesses looking to engage with the tech community.

Send us your contact and together we can build the perfect partnership model for you.


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