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Madiff Global IT Service Platform

All types of companies, regardless of their industry, size and location, are obligated to develop innovative, bespoke software solutions to meet business and customers ever changing requirements.

Custom programming solutions offer more an incentive to customers than out of the box alternatives. Even so, finding the correct tech ability to software development requires some serious time and effort.

The current deficiency of qualified experts and extraordinary rivalry among recruiters makes this particularly obvious today.

Fortunately, we have all the tools and resources you need to develop the perfect solution.

Why choose us?

Custom Code Implementation

Industrialization of IT process

We focus not only on the development process but also on the business outcome. Our multi-skilled teams always take in consideration the entire process, from software engineering to business goals.


Present in the entire project lifecycle

We use technology outsourcing, consultants and freelancers to help our customers through the entire product developments lifecycle.


Thorough selection of technology

Our experienced experts are more then qualified to select the best technology for each project, always aiming high quality, lightweight and effective processes.

Extreme Programming

Lean programming

In accordance with Agile development, lean programming offers faster and more efficient development, focusing only on processes that add true value to the customer.

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