Sprint as a Service

Sprint as a service is an offering created to cater for the needs of fast-growing companies rapidly in need of scaling their tech product to meet the needs of customers, investors, and strategic goals!

What is Sprint

Sprint is a time constraint process that allows us to come up with creative solutions for complex problems.

Sprint is nothing more than an interaction that tackles one aspect or one problem. This is the basis for interactive software development, which you may know as Scrum.

Each Sprint has a fixed length and lasts from one to four weeks. As part of the Sprint, an Increment is created, i.e. a working and implementable software increment. This allows us to quickly respond to market innovations and necessities.

Pay per Sprint Model

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More control

You can carefully follow the entire development process and guarantee the quality you need.

Long Terms Goals

Quicker Response

Between every sprint you can change the course of the project, responding to your changing needs or requirements.

Idea Generation

More Flexible

Sprints result in increments, allowing new and improved ideas to be added, increasing the quality of the final product.

The process

New Projects

1. Ideation & Exploration:

First we need to understand what the goals of your project and expectations are, to decide on the best service mode.

Delegating Task

2. Team allocation

Then we will create your dream team. A group of experts that will be dedicated fully on your project.

Business Workplace

3. Product Design

This is where the Sprint begins. Together with your team of experts, we will go through all possible solutions and decide on the best course of action.


4. Software Development

The selected solution will be developed by our team, assuring all your quality requirements are met.

Think Out Of The Box

5. Maintenance & new features

If you need follow up on the developed product or develop a new feature, we can work on a new sprint to service this specific need.

Let’s talk

Got a project?

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