Computer Vision: 4 Trends of this Innovation

Machines that can identify people, places, and objects with the same precision as humans (or even better), in an agile and efficient manner. These are just some of the possibilities of computer vision.

As a recent terminology, with little to no debate even among technology professionals, it is only natural to exist a few misunderstandings around computer vision. Here you will not only understand what computer vision is, but also the trends that present the most opportunities for organizations worldwide.

What is computer vision?

This term has its roots in AI (artificial Intelligence) and can be described as a computer science that allow machines to see, identify and process images, providing useful information and results based on their own observations.

In other words, this technology gives machines our eyes and brain’s capacities of visually understanding the world around us. However, to do so, it must be developed over a theoretical and algorithmic foundation. That is how you guarantee a proper analysis that is relatable to whatever the subject of the project is.

What are their applications?

When it comes to computer vision applications, the highlights are robotics, human-computer interaction, and image visualization/checking. Some practical applications are:

  • Security and surveillance;
  • Autonomous transportation;
  • Augmented reality;
  • Domestic and service robots;
  • Image restoration;
  • Forensic research;
  • Industrial quality inspection;
  • Gesture analysis;
  • Facial recognition.

Additionally, computer vision has an important contribution to the development and improvement of artificial intelligence. Why? Because computer vision applications will demand more and more from AI, expending its potential to unknown horizons.

Computer vision: main trends and opportunities

Here are the 4 main trends of computer vision for the upcoming years.

  1. Deep Learning optimization

Without a shadow of a doubt, deep learning is one of the approached that has more to gain from computer vision. Such technological union will allow recognition and scenes/objects detection with unprecedented precision.

  1. Use for public and private security

The use of this technology for private and public security is also a strong trend. With all its possibilities in environment monitoring (internally and externally), computer vision will have resources capable of detecting future behaviours, previously only detectable by human intuition.

  1. Creating 3D sensorial images

With the use of light and time sensors, together with stereo vision, some devices (such as smartphones) will be able to not only see but understand the structure and scale of objects around them.

Therefore, in a not so distance future, computer vision will turn your cell phone into a tri dimensional scanner, allowing the creation of 3D sensorial images.

  1. SLAM

It stands for “simultaneous location and mapping”, also known by many as the next GPS. This application allows the construction of autonomous cars or other self-driving equipment supported by the characteristics of their surroundings.

Computer vision: challenges in application

Although computer vision offers many advantages and opportunities, its implementation may be challenging. Here are some challenges you must consider:

Processing power

The implementation of computer vision usually requires powerful hardware, which elevates the price of the product or solution.

Specialized labour

All around Europe (and even the world), there is a lack of qualified tech professionals, and in computer vision it is not different. Offshoring may be a solution for this problem, talk to one of our consultants and have a look on some of the specialists on our network!

Ethical and Privacy concerns

As it deals with visual data, computer vision raises ethical and privacy concerns. Data protection is a significant issue in the field of Artificial Intelligence as a hole.

To take advantage of the opportunities offered by computer vision and stay on top of its challenges, you need a team of multiskilled verified specialists. Build your dream team today! Drops us a message here.

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