New Project Delivered: Quality Assurance for Blockchain

We have recently completed a Quality Assurance project for a customer who was developing a web-based NFT video creator based on blockchain technology.

The project involved end-to-end manual testing of the web application to ensure that it met the customer’s requirements and functioned as expected. We tested two modules of the web application, the video creator itself and the NFT marketplace which uses polygon and Ethereum technology.

Overview of the project

Our team used a variety of manual testing methods, including functional testing, usability testing, and compatibility testing, to thoroughly test all aspects of the application.

A major challenge we faced was testing the integration of the application with the blockchain network. We were able to overcome it by using manual testing methods such as testing the smart contract and network communication. Additionally, we executed test cases for security and performance testing.

We have also prepared and executed a comprehensive set of test cases to ensure that all functionalities were working as expected. Overall, the project was a success and the customer was satisfied with the results.

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