Technology trends for 2022: Digital transformation, governance, and sustainability

The impact of technology for business have experienced an exponential growth in the latest years. Especially after the pandemic, many businesses were forced to reinvent themselves and technology was a huge part of this process.

For 2022 some new trends might generate more impact for business, such as the metaverse. And, at the same time, we can also expect an acceleration in some trends we have already seen in past years, such as Artificial Intelligence.

Bernard Marr has presented in one of his articles for Forbes (access full article here) some technological trends we can expect to arise or gain even more velocity in 2022, generating a significant impact for businesses worldwide.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has a great presence in many aspects of our lives, to the extent that sometimes it might even go unnoticed. Even so, it is expected to achieve a rapid growth in 2022 thanks to some other technological advancements, such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G.

With the democratization of such advancements, we will experience faster network speed and processing, resulting in a higher volume of data exchange. According to Marr, this will result in an even higher impact of Artificial Intelligence in our society.

“Everything-as-a-service” and Democratization of Data

We have seen in the latest year an entire industry dedicated at making abilities and tools for innovation available for everyone. As a result, more people can access data even with zero previous experience. Additionally, there are cloud “self-service” solutions for a great number of small businesses, without the need for servers or tech personnel.

Marr also points out that interfaces that do not require coding will be a trend. Instead of traditional coding languages, some solutions offer the possibility to build an interface using only human spoken language. These are still under development, but we might see a great advancement in this technology in 2022.

Metaverse: virtualization of the physical world

This requires little explanation for anyone tuned in the tech world. Digital in parallel with the physical world is one of the technologies that experienced a big leap in the latest years, specially during the pandemic. The most common and obvious example is the virtualization of offices, that prioritizes remote work.

Even so, we know metaverse goes beyond virtual offices. Their goal is to reach other physical activities and experiences to make them virtually immersive. Nowadays VR headsets offer a unique experience to the user, but we can expect new technological advancements in the next years to take this experience to the next level.

Transparency and Governance

Technological advancements such as the ones mentioned above might cause some mistrust about the effects of it in our lives. According to Marr, one example is Artificial Intelligence. Due to the complexity of this technology, it might be hard to present a transparent explanation on how it works.

We can expect such discussions to occur during 2022, especially regarding the positive and negative effects of virtualization, artificial intelligence, and many others. Those discussion might lead to the creation of regulatory frameworks that comprise these innovations, including how and where it can be applied.

Sustainable Energy

Environmental impact from energy consumption is one of the main global concerns this millennium. During the pandemic, the only form of energy that experienced an increase in the usage was renewable energy, indicating a worldwide trend of conscious consumption. According to Barnard Marr, this should attract much more investment in 2022, following the pattern we have seen in latest years.

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