Top 10 Developer’s Tools in 2022

People working with software and applications development are aware that there are many obstacles when developing or testing an application. However, many tools have been developed specially for these challenging times.

As these instruments are involving every day, it is important to stay up to date with new and existing tools, that are essentially new ways to make the developer’s job easier and simpler. With that in mind, we have selected the top 10 developer’s tools in 2022.

Basic Developer’s tools (Updated 2022)

Some basics are never out of fashion. In 2022 many tools we already know are still hyped and receiving constant updates and new features.

Git & Github

Git is the most famous control system of distributed version. This means developers use it to work on the same project and update it, without affecting the quality of the code. In other words, this tool allows the same code to be developed by more than one person in different local repositories, without interfering each other.

Therefore, it is possible to know who did what, when and even undo any action, if necessary.

GitHub, on the other hand, is another tool originated from Git. It is an online service thar works as a remote repository. It contains all project information from all collaborators. Besides, it allows many integrations with other services, providing automatic application deploy.


Slack’s value proposition is to revolutionize the way teams communicate on the work environment. In addition to the basic functionality of easily connecting with co-workers, it allows work to be done simultaneously and asynchronously, thanks to its organization in channels.

Although it is mostly used in corporate environments, Slack is a great tool for small teams or network of people that share information or help each other out.


Docker is a software used as tool for developers that need to separate processes and fit them into “containers”. This facilitates their use as they are independently separated.

This tool also contains an open-source community that aims to improve it and facilitate developer’s tasks. In the open-source community, the Docker organization provides more security to their software and offers multiple support services.


Codeship is a very effective and safe continuous delivery system that integrates with GitHub. It has support for multiple programming languages and uses a variety of implementing platforms (such as Heroku and Amazon Web Services). From this powerful tool for developers, it is possible to perform processes related to DevOps, like continuous integration and deploy.

It is a paid application, but if its free option contemplates up to 5 projects and 100 builds per month.

Other developer’s tools worth mentioning in 2022


Unity is a tool for game developers, also called a “motor” or “engine”. This characteristic allows developers to create games even without deep knowledge on programming languages, as it provides all necessary tools to make it happen.

On Unity, it is possible to develop 2D and 3D games adapted for a wide range of platforms and devices, using different graphic styles. And the best part: it is open and 100% free.

Unity uses C# on the Script of their games, although it contains basic explanations on how to use it to develop a unique game.

Can I use

“Can I use” is a tool for frontend developers, that commonly use different browsers on their applications, usually with HTML and CSS. The website provides tables and updated information on what can and cannot be used on each browser. In other words, what each of them supports.

All information is available and free to be quoted or used on websites, blogs or presentations.


With a powerful product and a bold mission, Claap is challenging traditional meetings. Their statement “Less meetings. More doing” is exactly what the universe of all-remote companies needs to have more productive and empowered teams.

With this innovative solution, meetings are kept shorter, more efficient, and less dependent on everyone’s schedule. By collaborating on this tool, instead of aligning agendas, each person will participate and give their input whenever is more suitable according to their calendar.


Designed to be used as an assistant tool for free software project development, SourceForge acts as a system that manages repositories of source-codes, allowing a collaborative development. Currently, it provides several tools that can be applied for open-source project development, such as web pages and forums.

Connecting more than 40 million users, SourceForge has more than 430 thousand projects hosted, accumulating around 4 million daily downloads.


Offering easy usability, CodeShare is quite used thanks to the possibility of creating a collaborative coding space. Through a video call, developers can share, create, and download codes.

By starting a space in CodeShare, the application automatically offers a sharable URL to integrate the entire team. Plus, besides providing real-time creation space, the platform is very user-friendly.

Cuckoo Team

Whether remote or physical workspace, it is natural to exist different distractions throughout the workday. To allow more focus during working hours, a team of developers and designers created Cuckoo Team. It allows timing of productive activities, whether in a team or individually.

It is based on the Pomodoro technique and essentially works as a timer to count working hours, organize resting schedule, among other functionalities.

These are some of the tools every developer should know in 2022! Follow us on Intagram, LinkedIn or Twitter to stay tuned on new content for the developer’s community.

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