Women in Tech Series: Driving Gender Equality with Anna Kaiser from FINN

How a Munich-based Startup is Disrupting the Automotive Industry and Empowering Women in Tech

The automotive industry has been going through significant changes, and FINN, a Munich-based car subscription platform, is one of the startups driving this transformation. With a disruptive approach that makes car ownership enjoyable and fun, FINN offers its customers brand new cars, many of which are electric, and compensates for CO2 emissions by driving projects with social and environmental impact.

However, what makes FINN unique is its effort to put gender equality at the forefront of its agenda. The company’s “Women in Tech” initiative is aimed at promoting internships, leadership, and experienced roles in software development, data, and business automation for women.

In this blog post, we explore how FINN is breaking barriers and empowering women in tech, through an interview with Anna Kaiser, an Acquisition Specialist for Engineering and Fleet teams at FINN.

Breaking barriers: The importance of gender neutrality in job descriptions

The tech industry has been traditionally male-dominated, making it challenging for women to break into this field. To counter this trend, FINN is using gender decoders to make job descriptions more neutral and encourage women to apply for tech positions. The company is also investing in unconscious bias training for its hiring managers to ensure gender balance in its recruitment process.

Gender balance in the recruitment process

The company’s approach is to create a funnel in its applications and leads while building a larger pool of female candidates that can more easily become new joiners in the future.However, gender is insignificant when it comes to the process of assessment and the qualifications a candidate has to bring for a position.

In order to gain a better understanding of how a candidate adapts to a diverse environment and if they bring an open mind to the team, FINN is implementing dedicated questions in their interview process to the topic of diversity, equality and inclusion.

Diversity at the core of FINN’s concerns

According to Anna, diversity, regardless of gender, is at the core of her concerns for employer branding goals. “We need a product that different people can use, and to achieve it, we need to find diverse teams within FINN that will brainstorm and bring dynamic discussions and perspectives,” she said.

A women community promoting insightful debates and exchange

FINN is slowly building a Women Community that promotes insightful debates and exchange. The company also offers part-time positions for caregivers and flexible remote work options, making it an inclusive environment for all.

FINN is driving gender equality in tech, one of the most challenging fields for women. With its “Women in Tech” initiative, the company is taking proactive measures to break down barriers and create a more diverse and inclusive work environment. Learn more about their open roles for the Women in Tech Programme in Careers | FINN.

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