Why you should and how you can become a successful tech recruiter

Technological revolution led us to rethink the way we do things. Today is hard to recall any industry or market that has not been affected directly or indirectly by technology and had benefit from its innovations. Recruitment might be one of the business units with the most potential for change.

Why you should become a tech recruiter

If you are on to corporate trends, you must know that tech qualified professionals are becoming more and more scarce, demanding from human resources management or recruiter solutions that will increase the chances of acquiring a top tech talent.

This means creating processes and tools that connect more to this audience. And to do that, one must have technical knowledge or be willing to learn about it to really stand out. To find recruiters that also have this technical background is not easy, so you can imagine how much the market is craving for these professionals.

As the number of opportunities for tech recruiters increases, more valued these professionals become and higher are the potential financial return.

How to become a successful tech recruiter

To become a tech recruiter, one must be prepared to face the uniqueness of this market. See here how you can prepare for the challenges ahead.

You must understand and learn how to differentiate technology stacks

To search for, interview and hire tech top tech talent, you must speak the same language. That is, technology stacks. You must know what are the required competencies, backgrounds, and what the job demands to find the perfect fit for a tech vacancy.

Tech stack are the programming languages, tools and technologies that together result in a final product. This product could be a website, mobile app, or other digital solution. Examples of tech stack are front-end, back-end, full stack and mobile. If you do not know what any of this means, here is a quick overview:

Front-end: these developers are responsible and qualified to develop what the user will see and interact with. It refers to the client-side of the interaction and these professionals must be familiar with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

Back-end: these developers will build the background of the user interface, which will define the functionality and performance of the product. Also referred to as server-side, the experts responsible for this must be familiar with PHP, Java, Python, and others.

Full-stack: this developer is qualified to develop both front and back-end solutions. They must be familiar with all previously mentioned technologies and always keep up with the latest technological trends.

Mobile: As the name suggests, this developer is qualified for mobile app or system development. Mobile products will vary depend on the device’s operational system, like iOS or Android. These professionals are usually familiar with Flutter, React Native and C#.

You must understand what tech professionals are looking for

If you are already a recruiter, you probably know this. But in tech recruitment, it is even more important.

For instance, many years before Covid-19 outbreak forced millions of people to work from home, developers and other tech professionals had this already embedded in their lives. Simply saying “you can work from home” nowadays cannot be considered a differentiation.

However, another big factor for these professionals is the company’s culture. Without a strong company culture, remote work or flexible working hours is not possible or can become a real headache, as to why almost 50% of developers will say that the company’s environment and culture is one of the decisive factors when considering a position.

Another thing to keep in mind is that most of these professionals are already employed. Research shows that almost 80% of developers are already employed in full or part-time jobs, presenting another big challenge for tech recruiters. Your offer must be good enough so that they will let go of their safe comfortable job to jump to an unknown experience with you.

It is also important to remember that most of the candidates will be part of generations Y and Z, depending on the seniority of the position. Therefore, you should also consider other attracting factors, like diversity within the company, social impact, environment-friendly initiatives, and others.

Stand out by innovating in your recruitment process

We are talking about a forever-changing environment and you should adapt to this reality. Skip the boring questions and handwritten cover letter to innovate your recruitment process, impress your candidates and make them want to work with you.

As the number of vacancies increase at a faster pace than new developers are introduced to the market, the secret is to create and cultivate meaningful relationships in the tech industry. Not simply networking, but really diving deep into what developers like, what they talk about and merge into these conversations, decreasing the imaginary space between talent and recruiter.

Also, it goes without saying that you should keep up with the latest trends in tech recruitment. The number of online platforms available to help on the hiring process is gigantic. These platforms will save your time and money and keep your entire process organized.

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