Digital Detox: how to do a better use of technology for a healthy life

Do you have any idea of the amount of time you spend on the internet every day? If sleeping with the cell phone in your hand has become a routine, this is the red flag you need to consider a digital detox in your life. The excessive use of these resources can cause physical and mental issues, that can go from a simple headache to anxiety.

Even as a tech and innovation company, we understand the overstimulation caused by the internet and mobile devices can have real consequences. Which is why in this article we will guide you through the harms of overusing digital resources, and how you can enjoy their benefits while maintaining a great physical and mental health.

Why should you do a digital detox?

It is very straight forward: a digital detox consists in determining a period to disconnect from the virtual life and focus your attention on real life. This initiative brings many benefits for your body, mind, and personal relations. Here are some good reasons you should detox from the online environment:


How many times have you left your house to meet someone special, but spent more time on your cell phone than enjoying their company? These situations are becoming more and more common and, consequently, people tend to feel isolated from friends and family.

By leaving aside only the virtual conversations and reuniting physically with who is important for you, one will straighten their family and friendship bonds. This contributes both on building unforgettable memories as in improving physical and mental health.

The so called “blue zones” – regions that standout for the longevity of their habitants – prove the importance of bonding, social connections, and relationships for the maintenance of good physical and mental health, which allows greater autonomy.

Improving the quality of sleep

Sleep is the moment your brain restores. It is the moment when we eliminate all the toxins produced during the day. Therefore, a good night of sleep is fundamental for your mental health.

The smartphone, tablet or computer screen makes your brain uneasy, and it may cause long nights of insomnia. It is important to reduce the use of electronic devices before bed to guarantee a good night of sleep and wake up well rested and prepared to face the day ahead.

Stimulates creativity

Spending some time away from the internet awakens your genuine creativity, which does not happen so often when you are connected all the time. Although many people have in mind that online content are a great source of inspiration, that is not always the case. They may inhibit original thoughts and ideas.

Increases productivity

Once you are not sharing your attention with everything that is happening on social media, that are not relevant for the current moment, you will increase focus on activities such as studying and working. Without procrastination, you will avoid delays and increase productivity.

How to do a digital detox?

In a society increasingly dependent of technology, talking about digital detox may seem an impossible mission at first. However, in addition to being a healthy alternative, it is an easy method to put in practice – you just must be willing to change habits. Here are some steps to initiate this process:

Stablish goals

For those that must use the internet to work or communicate, it is hard to “unplug” suddenly. The best way to do it is to start stablishing small goals. To create those goals, it is important to track your cell phone apps as to how much time you spend on each one of them.

With this information in hand, determine the reduction of usage for this apps from 30 to 30 minutes per day, for example. During the adaptation process, create more challenging goals, such as spending a weekend without touching your cell phone.

Stablish time slots

The simple act of checking social media before sleeping may be a cause for insomnia. How about setting some time slots to connect and disconnect?

During work, if you do not have to use the internet in your activities, try to stay out of social media or reading a message that can be dealt with later. When the night arrives, stop using your devices at least 2 hours before sleeping time.

For an advanced detox, you can set internet use for 30 minutes per day, apart from work and study. In this case, the idea is to distribute time, reserving 10 minutes in the morning, 10 minutes in the afternoon and 10 minutes at night.

Practice new activities

Look for new activities and tasks that will replace your cell phone or the internet. Before sleeping, give preference to reading books. If you have some time left on your day, how about joining a gym, or taking a walk outside? In the weekends, call your family to watch a movie, cook a meal or just to hang out.

Learning how to appreciate the creative leisure and enjoying common life activities, such as having coffee or spending time in nature, is important to restore our energies. Check in this article how you can maintain an active lifestyle working in tech and stay tunned to our social media for more tips on how to keep a healthy mind and body while working on the tech industry!

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