Technology for Education: what are the benefits, trends, and opportunities

Every year new technologies transform the education sector. In fact, it has never been so present on student’s and faculties’ lives.

New behaviours (such as using smartphones in class) is evidence that traditional methodologies must be updated. In this case, it is mandatory to deepen debates that approach new technologies and trends for this segment.

Whether from an educational or entrepreneurial perspective, theses advancements present numerous opportunities for everyone. Here is our overview on the benefits, trends, and opportunities for technology in education.

The benefits of technology for education

Among other advantages, technology has been straightening the connection between students and learning environments. Classes become an attractive place that is closer to the interests of students (that were born and grew up around technology).

Additionally, technology reduces the gap between students and the content being studied. Technological tools increase the engagement and commitment of students with their own apprenticeship.

Nonetheless, even if the routine in class becomes more fluid and less heavy, tech tools will not substitute the relationship between students and professors. Teachers are now responsible for intermediating the application of these new technologies in a way that favours the learning process.

When done efficiently, the benefits of technology for education can be:

  • More interactive and dynamic classes,
  • Content personalization,
  • Development of different skills,
  • More incentives for creativity,
  • Boosted student productivity.

Opportunities in technology for education

Here are some technological opportunities that can increase teaching/learning process.

Immersive virtual environments

It is possible to provide experiences that mix the real and virtual worlds, through digital images and augmented reality devices.

Such immersive experiences promote an interactive learning experience for students. There are, for example, parks and museums that provide 360 virtual tours for students that are not able to see them in person.

Communication tools

There are several tools that facilitate the communication between those involved in the educational environment. Social media is a great example of how students can review the content seen in the classroom in a dynamic, sharable way.

On the other hand, instant messaging tools like WhatsApp or Telegram create a closer contact between the families and the school, facilitating the exchange of important information.

Experimentation tools

The technologies used in education also contribute to positioning students as protagonists on their own apprenticeship. Robotic kits, audiovisual production and programming platforms are some good examples of tools that stimulate students’ autonomy.

E-learning platforms

Virtual learning environments (VLE) are platforms that allow content sharing between teachers and students, in a way the allows their monitoring individually.

Trends on technology for education

The passage from a traditional learning model to a more technological one does not happen abruptly. These new formats need time to be duly adopted. Here are some technological trends already being applied in education.

Artificial intelligence and Big Data

The use of computers capable of storage a large amount of data allows personalized apprenticeship. Each student has a learning rhythm, that can be optimized according to their needs.

Virtual and Augmented reality

Represent the complete immersion in an environment that does not exist. In the educational context, it allows interactive apprenticeship, such as gamification.

Internet of Things (IoT)

With IoT it is possible to virtually connect objects through the internet, which supports the interaction between remote or hybrid classes.

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