How fast-growing companies can take advantage of Sprint as a Service

Fast growing companies have unique needs and goals, that might be very different than large enterprises. While on one hand you have long bureaucratic approval processes and a close-ended goal, on the other hand you seek fast time-to-market and have more flexibility on the end goal.

For that reason, traditional software development might not represent the best option for fast-growing companies, that seek to test their product with their audience as soon as possible, as well as be able to adapt their solution when needed.

What is Sprint as a Service

Sprint as a Service, as the name suggests, is based on a Sprint. Sprint is a time constraint process that allow a multidisciplinary team to work together and come up with creative solutions for a specific problem.

By focusing on one problem or aspect at a time, each Sprint will have at the end, created an increment for the final product. This is the basis for interactive software development, also known as Scrum.

Here are some advantages of Sprint as a Service:

  • It has a clear transparent process, each step with specific goals. This maintains the entire team focused on resolving one issue at a time.
  • It is time constraint; it may last from 1 to 4 weeks. It is possible to know exactly when an increment will be ready to go live.
  • It offers flexibility to eventually add or remove some aspect of the increment while it is being developed. There is not back and forth between project managers and developers.
  • Cross-teams interactions guarantees that the final increment will be developed, offered, and marketed in the most effective way. Plus, everyone is involved and has the chance to share their opinion.

Why Sprint as a Service is the best option for fast-growing companies

Sprint as a service ultimately means that, instead of hiring an entire software development team or develop a close-ended project at once, fast-growing companies can little by little adapt their solution to the market, quickly responding to market’s innovation and customers’ needs.

As different people will participate and offer inputs on the Sprint, it decreases the need to have a big team. It is only necessary to find key people from different areas (technology, UX Design, or marketing, to name a few) that might add value to the discussion and bring insightful ideas to the table.

As the name suggests, fast-growing companies need speed. Not only to launch their product and be recognized as pioneers in their market, but also to adapt their MVP (Minimum Viable Product) as soon as it starts to receive feedbacks from the community.

Even so, it is easier to understand customers’ complaints than it is to determine how to fix them. To hire a software development service, one must know already what needs to be done, while on Sprint as a Service, there is an open discussion to determine the best way to achieve customers’ expectations.

At Madiff we offer Sprint as a Service on a pay-per-sprint model, tailored for fast-growing companies. It offers a fast, flexible, and reliable way to increment any existing product or create an MVP. Talk to one of our consultants to know more!

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