How to become a blockchain developer as a senior software developer

Currently pretty much everyone has heard about cryptocurrencies, specially those with a special interest in technology. The first talks about cryptocurrencies appeared about 4 years ago, with the sudden appearance of Bitcoin, still nowadays the most well-known cryptocurrency in the world.

Still, the technology behind bitcoin and all cryptocurrencies has not stopped there. Each cryptocurrency is built on Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), of which blockchain is the most popular and commonly used to develop disruptive apps.

Developers and specialists in blockchain are already in high demand, gifting experienced developers with a unique opportunity to achieve higher standards in tech: specializing in blockchain development.

Nowadays the most innovative projects and apps are built using blockchain and whoever meets the requirements will seize the best opportunities. See here how you can enter this market if you already have experience in other programming languages.

Why you should become a blockchain developer as a senior software developer

Blockchain is officially trending, and it is the future of software development. Universities have not yet been able to reach it with traditional courses, meaning that anyone interested in getting into blockchain development will have to search for untraditional methods and self-teach for most of the time. On the other hand, blockchain developers have a highly estimated knowledge for any company looking ahead.

If you are not convinced yet, bear in mind that as the demand is quickly rising and the offer is standing still, you can expect higher salaries and better benefits. On a quick search through Glassdoor, you will find that on average a software developer in the US has a base pay of $95k/year, while blockchain developers are at $107k/year. And this is only expected to increase.

And if this is not enough, you must know that most of the huge international brands we hear about everyday are now investing in blockchain. Check this list of top companies using blockchain and imagine how exciting it would be to engage in a project with some of these!

Which platform you should specialize as a blockchain developer

Now if you are convinced to get into blockchain development, you must decide in which blockchain development platform you would like to develop. As the demand for DApps (decentralized Apps developed on blockchain) has increased, blockchain development platforms are in high demand.

These platforms develop a blockchain framework that allow users to host and develop blockchain-based applications and each platform has its own functionalities and unique characteristics that will affect where you will invest your learning time. For that, it is important to understand the differences and choose what will be your focus for the first months of your journey.

For example, some platforms use languages already familiar to software developers such as C# and Java, Dragonchain and NEO are some of these. This would for sure speed the learning process as you would not have to learn a new programming language, just how they are applied in DApps.

Other platforms have their own programming language, which is the case of Ethereum. This open-source platform has been tested by some technology giants such as Microsoft and Intel. Ethereum even has its own cryptocurrency, called Ether and, as we said before, has its own programming language, called Solidity.

Solidity is used to develop the smart contracts, which will set the terms and guide any transaction in Ethereum. So, if you wish to work with smart contracts, you must learn Solidity. Learning a new programming language will require more time, but you should know that, even though it is an elegant high-level language, programmers already familiar with JavaScript or C++ may find it easier to learn.

Materials and courses to get into blockchain development

As we said before, blockchain is such a hot and everchanging topic in tech that universities and regular teaching institutions have a hard time keeping up with it and putting together formal degrees for the market. Luckily, there are some courses available on platforms such as Edx and Udemy.

On Edx you will find real college courses that offer professional certificates and are designed by international universities and tech companies (such as IBM) for a quick and immersive learning.

In Udemy instead of courses provided by official institutions, they are designed by other users, usually specialized or with great experience in blockchain. Here you can expect to find highly updated courses, as they are able to speed up the process by not depending on any institution. But we recommend that you investigate further the references of the tutor, to make sure you are learning from relevant professionals.

But again, most of your time should be dedicated in training and programming in blockchain, to perfect your technical skills rather on a new programming language or some you already know.

Looking for professional experience in blockchain?

If you are a senior developer and believe you are ready for the next challenge in blockchain, we might have the perfect opportunity for you! Check these opportunities available for experienced developers:

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