How much it costs to hire Remote Agile Tech Teams in the US

If you have ever looked at alternatives for your tech projects, you may have come across cheaper alternatives that are even more efficient than hiring your own team. One of them is hiring remote Agile tech teams.

In comparison to having your own tech team in-house, hiring remote Agile tech teams in the US or other countries with similar culture offers many advantages such as faster time-to-market and cost reduction. When you pair this with a qualified database of developers, all benefits are extended and optimized. Reason why this may be your best choice to boost any tech operation.

Here we will discuss other perceived benefits of hiring remote Agile tech teams in the US and how much you can expect to invest in it.

Advantages of hiring remote Agile Tech Teams

Hiring remote outsourced teams to work for any tech projects (data science, React, Blockchain, .NET, Angular) might rise some controversial arguments from those who believe having an internal team is safer. Everything will depend on type of project you have.

If we are talking about a short-term project of 1 year, for example, it will be cheaper and easier to hire remote teams, as finding the right developers is a time-consuming task that can take months.

Here are some advantages of hiring remote Agile tech teams for your projects:


It is more efficient

Besides having the benefit of not spending precious time on recruitment, with remote Agile tech teams everything happens faster. In this project management model, small portions of the project are designed one at a time and are only finished once everyone is happy with the outcome.


It is flexible

As small parts of the project are handled one at a time, this allows clients to have more flexibility to adapt during the project development cycle. Clients can assist new customers or organizational demands while the project is still ongoing, decreasing the need for reviews after the development is done.


It requires less investment

The process of finding and hiring IT talent may require a lot of time and financial investment. Between interviews, questionnaires and team integration, the real purpose of the company may get lost in the process. Plus, the cost of IT equipment, software and office space is a responsibility of the contracted remote team. This is especially great if we are talking about a company that has a single IT project that needs to be developed, situation in which the costs of hiring an entire IT team will not compensate for the benefits.

How much it costs to hire your own remote Agile tech team in the US vs. Portugal

First, we must take into consideration that all costs related to infrastructure and software licences will be reduced and embedded on the cost of the hired team, whether it is in the US or Portugal. This already should save thousand of dollars for any company that wishes to develop a tech project.

To calculate the entire investment on hiring remote Agile tech teams in the US and Portugal one must take some fundamental things under consideration: how many people will be needed, for how long will they be needed, what knowledge must they have and at what seniority level. If the company looking to hire a tech team is not too familiar with developing a tech project, they might need some help answering some of these questions.

To have a general idea of the investments to hire an internal developer in the US, the average salary for a software developer in the US is $95,000/year, according to Glassdoor. This is around $7,900/month.

If you consider hiring remote Agile developers from Portugal, for example, one must consider around €29,500/year or €2,400/month as the average salary for a software developer, also according to Glassdoor. In US dollars, this is $2,900/month.

Of course, when hiring an external team, it is expected that other costs will be embedded on this amount, such as service/administrative fees for the company providing these experts, costs to cover equipment, travel expenses and others. Still, it may be up to $4,000/month of savings. And this is all considering only one software developer.

You must also bear in mind that these costs may increase depending on the technology required (such as React, Blockchain, Data Science and others).

Why Portugal may be an option to hire remote Agile tech teams for companies in the US

Yearly, thousands of IT professionals are graduating from excellent institutions in Portugal. Since early professional stages, these developers look for new challenges in nearby countries, as Portugal is now starting to attract larger corporations. Thanks to that, Portuguese tech professionals are experienced and comfortable working internationally and remotely, with not only European but also American firms. Besides sharing a multicultural and innovative mindset, Portuguese developers are commonly proficient in other languages such as English, Spanish, French and German.

The physical location of Portugal proves to be strategic for companies that want to enter the European market and for those looking to expand operations to the Americas.

If you choose to hire remote Agile tech teams, make sure you choose the right partner, with proven experience in different industries, high-quality deliver and international clients and partners. Talk to Madiff today!

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