Using technology to improve customer journey

Mapping customer journey requires thinking about each step with the main goal of guiding the customer through their buying process. It is essential to draw a well-defined journey to understand consumer behaviour and achieve successful results, whereas technology can be a great partner in this journey.

From first contact to after sales: the applications of technological tools and solutions may improve customer service in each step of the journey. Having a data management system and automation tools sabes time, effort and guarantee high customer retention. Check out in this article how technology can help your customer journey!

What is Customer Journey?

Customer journey involves every interaction between the customer and the company, from first point of touch until after-sales. Understanding customer journey allows organizations to generate value throughout the entire buying process and walk the client through every step, educating the market and your audience.

Each milestone in this journey is important to understand customer behaviour and, therefore, to offer an optimized experience, tailored to their needs and expectations. Mapping the customer journey includes studying their emotions and expectations, that will define the perspective and interactions of the customer through their purchasing process.

With customer journey, organizations can identify which phase of the buying process their clients are in and define the best strategy for that given time. The marketing team is responsible for creating bridges between each milestone of the journey, and this job could not be more important.

With digital transformation, competitivity between companies has increased, and offering personalized, satisfying experiences may be the big differential.

How can technology improve your customer journey?

In the dynamic world we live in today, automating processes is fundamental to improve B2C relationships. Automation simplifies work, creates smart sequences of interaction, decreases manual tasks, helps in time management, increases production, and allows the user to have more time to focus on other strategical matters.

Technology can be a great ally in customer relationship management, as it can facilitate the comprehension of each step on customer journey and positively influence the overall experience. Check out some fundamental tools that can help on your customer journey.

CRMs (Customer relationship management tools)

CRM stand for a tool that optimizes customer service, generates data and learns from past interactions. It collects data on customer history, past purchases, communication channels and many others that will determine what is the best approach for each customer. Besides reducing risks, CRM also improves process agility and efficiency.

Big Data

Clients interact with the company using different channels: social media, website, telephone and even in person. Imagine the amount of data! To manage this data, a Big Data tool can be applied to collect, unify, organize, and analyse. This tool will monitor each customer, identify those with little interactions and possibly decrease customer turnover. In addition, it may analyse abandonment, assessing follow up and characteristics of customer that had already stopped interacting. This is important to understand what might have happened.

Artificial Intelligence

AI has evolved progressively and is already a reality in many organizations. It simplified processes, as it focuses on customer service improvement, offering easier and smarter ways to access information. This facilitates subject triage and even resolves a problem completely, leaving human attending with cases that demand more analysis and personal touch. AI can analyse situations and behaviours, learn each user’s preference, and offer solutions for customer needs.

As we have seen, technology is an ally to offer a more pleasant and personalized customer journey. With these and other tools, you can improve the value of your customer attention services, retaining more clients and reducing turnover. Talk to one of our consultants on how to create a special solution for your customer journey!

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