We aim to use our strengths and cooperate with others to transform the systems.

There is no universal solution that will provide us with protection against cyber attacks. Each organisation has different needs in this area and our task is to choose solutions to effectively counteract continuous attempts to break safeguards. One thing is certain — it is a constant fight in which you can not give up.

Why is Madiff unique in terms of the technology we have? Where did the need for protection against online threats come from? Or maybe you are just looking for a job in the cybersecurity sector? Madiff can be a place for you!

The industries most exposed to cyber attacks — how to protect yourself?

Nowadays, the most threatened sectors of cyberattacks are the financial and telecommunications sectors. It is not only about big money, but also access to data that can be used for subsequent attacks, threatening an ever growing and wider group of people.

The energy sector, due to its importance for the functioning of the state, is also susceptible to attacks. Hackers sponsored mainly by big powers are constantly testing the security level of this critical infrastructure. The best example is Russia and the annex of Crimea — Russian hackers regularly attacked Ukrainian power stations and trains. They are probably the pioneers of the economic cyber war, using attacks as a tool of influence in the political arena.

Every cyber attack is different, but they all start the same

“There is no universal recipe for preventing attacks, because each one is different. They refer to different industries and may take place in a different way, “says Maximilian Rud, a Madiff counselling expert. That’s why we have a database of experts that is constantly developing our competences so that we can provide the latest solutions in every sector.

It is important to note that every cyber attack has the same beginning — everything is initiated by the reconnaissance phase. All available information that can authenticate the hacker’s activity is collected — public data is checked on social networks — friends lists, photos, e-mails, phone numbers, or information about superiors. All this can help you carry out effective phishing by sending an email with an infected attachment or even making a phone call, during which the unconscious victim authorises the hacker’s actions. Yes, social engineering is as effective as a virus.

Cybersecurity: prevention but not the cure

Our goal is to have products that help prevent as many cyber-crimes as possible. Many organisations ask us for help, only when the attack takes place — this is definitely too late.

The most important thing is proactive operations, implementation of software, solutions and services that will improve security even before the threat comes. This is a priority for us. There is no “golden means” in this business, which is why we try to approach each client and each problem individually. We carry out consultations and only then do we choose the right services.

A unique portfolio

We have international experience that we have developed through contacts and the will to self-improve. Our portfolio contains only the best services. We do not deal with the sale and maintenance of ordinary firewalls or endpoint security scripts.

We build the base of our services thanks to constant market research and reacting to emerging new products and improvements. This is our strongest point — research. In addition, we offer attractive prices for the cybersecurity market.

We model ourselves on the best in this field — we see watch it happening, among others in Israel (which is a leader in the area of network security through geopolitical location), France or the United States.

Diverse work and many development opportunities

Working in our company means participating in many interesting and diverse projects, during which you can test and, above all, develop your skills. Working in industries as important as energy, banking or pharmaceutical requires us to constantly improve our competencies. Our employees, apart from working on projects, often participate in trainings and courses, thanks to which they can become one of the best specialists in the cybersecurity industry.


Madiff is one of the leaders of the Polish cybersecurity market. We offer many top services, products as well as advise and trainining.

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