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Fast Growing Companies: what you should do to achieve fast business growth

Fast growing companies are known for their scalable business growth and innovation. If you are thinking about launching a new solution to the market,...

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5 Technological innovations for modern banking challenges

The banking sector is one of the fastest developing and, at the same time, one of the sectors most vulnerable to cyberattacks. Over time...

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Angular, Vue or React development: comparing the most used tech stack

JavaScript is developing at an amazing pace, every now and then new updates are added to the libraries of this programming language. New versions...

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We aim to use our strengths and cooperate with others to transform the systems.

There is no universal solution that will provide us with protection against cyber attacks. Each organisation has different needs in this area and our...

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Why Agile nearshore outsourcing in Poland or Portugal are the best choices for your project

New technologies, trends and even Covid-19 have led the world to new “normal” scenarios. Working from home, with remote teams is the new trend...

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