Why Agile nearshore outsourcing in Poland or Portugal are the best choices for your project

New technologies, trends and even Covid-19 have led the world to new “normal” scenarios. Working from home, with remote teams is the new trend and nearshoring is on the right track to becoming the best solution for international firms. If you have never heard of this before, here is a brief explanation as to why you should choose nearshoring in Poland or Portugal for your next IT project.

What is Agile nearshore outsourcing?

Starting with the basics, outsourcing means hiring an IT & tech nearshore partner to develop a specific project. This has been going on for quite some time when it comes to software development, but it was focused on countries that are usually far away from the company’s’ location, even on different continents (India, China or Vietnam), also known as Offshore.

What we see nowadays is a shift on company’s behavior. They are looking for faster low-cost projects but also personalization and closer relationship between internal and hired teams. For that, nearshore is the best option. As you can tell from the prefix “near”, this means that the hired team is in countries that are closer to the company’s location, facilitating communication between the parts.

But why should you choose Agile nearshore outsourcing over other options?

The proximity of the country of origin on Nearshore operations offers good advantages in comparison with offshore. Cultural affinity can only make the communication in general much easier and clearer, avoiding uncomfortable situations. Furthermore, there are other factors to take into consideration when deciding on the best model of outsourcing:



When you’re looking to launch a new solution or a new project on the market, you want to be as efficient as possible, especially when it comes to technology. The speed to which information is traded around the world has improved rapidly, facilitating the loss of the surprise effect. With nearshore the development process can happen faster and more precisely. By being on a similar time zone, one doesn’t have to wait too long to get a reply. Plus, by using project management methods such as Agile and Sprint, the development starts quickly and runs smoothly, offering better and more qualified results. If needed, a personal meeting can be arranged quickly, not compromising the time-to-market of the project.


Resources Management

The process of finding and hiring IT talent may require a lot of time and financial investment. Between interviews, questionnaires and team integration, the real purpose of the company may get lost in the process. For that, outsourcing is a great way of keeping the focus of the company where it needs to be, offering innovative solutions and standing out on their market. By hiring a nearshore team, cultural proximity facilitates integration of all team members, providing higher quality results.


Cost Reduction

By hiring an IT & Tech nearshore partner to develop a tailor-made product, you are not only outsourcing the team, but also all the infrastructure needed. The cost of IT equipment, software and office space is a responsibility of the contracted company. This is especially great if we are talking about a company that has a single IT project that needs to be developed, situation in which the costs of hiring an entire IT team will not compensate for the benefits. With nearshore outsourcing it’s possible to maintain high-quality deliver at lower costs.

Nearshore offers high-quality results at lower costs, but what are the best locations for Agile neashore outsourcing?

If you are in Europe, for sure you have heard about how Portugal has competitive labor costs or how Poland is becoming a center of talent development in IT. Here is why you should choose one of these two countries.


Why choose Agile nearshoring in Poland

As said before, Poland is becoming a reference in launching qualified IT talents in the market. Thousands of polish IT engineers are graduating from high-quality European institutions every year. In addition to their competency, poles adapt easily to other European cultures and can easily fit in on other teams, specially thanks to their excellent English language skills.

Furthermore, Poland has other characteristics that makes it an attractive nearshore destination. It is a very accessible country in Europe, important quality if you are looking to nearshore in Poland. It stands about 2 hours from major European cities with many low-cost transportation options available. Its economic and political scenario offers stability, with low corruption levels and constant economic growth, making it an excellent option for nearshoring.


Why choose Agile nearshoring in Portugal

Portugal is a small country in Europe facing a big problem: it has more qualified IT professionals then the national market can absorb, and yearly more and more professionals are graduating in excellent institutions with little professional perspective for the future. Because of that, Portuguese professionals are already experienced in working internationally and remotely, whether it’s with European or American firms. This means they are not only comfortable around other cultures but are also commonly proficient in other languages, such as English, Spanish, French and German.

Besides being the closest European country to the American continent, Portugal is also in a strategic location that makes it a great way into the European market. For firms in London, Portugal is one of the best options as it shares the same time zone, facilitating any communication between the two countries. Nearshoring in Portugal offers the best balance between high-quality European teams and low-cost options for firms in Europe or America.


Luckily, Madiff is present in both countries and can offer a wide range of international multi-skilled professionals for any IT project. By applying different project management methods and the most innovative developing tools, Madiff offers the best results, efficiently and at lower costs. Learn more about Agile Nearshore outsourcing with Madiff here.

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